Colorful Glitch Particles

Day 3 of my personal 365 render per day challenge.

Yesterday, I created a little beat in FL Studio so I figured what better way to start off a render than with that.

I haven’t messed with Trapcode’s Particular 2 in a while so I converted the audio to key-frames and started parented things like particles per second, turbulence, wind, etc. to the music. I tried to experiment with things that you wouldn’t normally set to music. My favorite was the X-Wind. That gave the comp a glitch feel to it and I think it  worked out well.

The element that tied it all together was the camera lens blur. That really gave this project the sense of z-space that it was lacking.

If I decide to come back to this project, I will probably add some dust particles with the same X-Wind parenting. Maybe a little camera shake too to give it an extreme feel.


I did add the camera shake but only on the z-axis. Added some dust particles with Trapcode Particular as well. I think it adds a lot to the comp.

You can download the project files here (FreeTemplate_AE_ColorfulGlitchParticles).


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